Thursday, 22 November 2012

UIAA MedCom grading for comparison

So, as I discussed in my blog post regarding BMC Injuries Symposium 2012, I explained that I'd learnt about converting climbing grades to a set numerical number (as apposed to one that is a combination of numbers and letters) so that it is comparable to other studies, and so that statistical packages can analyse the data.

Now, in my dissertation, I originally converted all grades to a common denominator (English Tech grade, if you were wondering) and then assigned them a numerical interger.
This is the same process using the UIAA MedCom grades with just a variation on the interger assigned.

I re-assigned my climbing grade values and still came out with the same result of average climbing grade for the population used in my sample, however with the new figures assigned, the comparison between studies becomes easier.

Just a useful nugget of information for anyone collecting data about climbers out there!


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