Useful links

Here are some useful links you may find useful:


  • Click here for a video of eccentric exercises for Golfer's elbow, as posted on UKClimbing
  • New York Times post on overuse of ibuprofen
  • Shoulder Doc website to aid those with shoulder problems/diagnosis
  • Physio Advisor website which has useful, generic physio advice that covers lots of areas
  • Tim Watson's website on all things electrotherapy


  • Dave Macleod's blog; climber and sport scientist 
  • Fran Brown's website and blog: C4/C7 incomplete tetraplegic. Rock climber, World para climbing champion, British para climbing champion, skier, percussionist and journalist. 
  • Tom Randall's blog about "Climbers Against Cancer" 
  • Global Therapies  - Sports Massage Therapists based in the Manchester area
  • Equest Physiotherapy for private, mobile physiotherapy treatment in the Kent area
  • Rock climbing courses provided by Mountain Trips, also with information on training, injuries etc. 

Medical/Climbing related: